CΩT (Part 6)

It’s been a few days, right? Riiiiight? Well, here comes Cat again!



I am Cat. Recently, I was abducted while I was asleep by a human girl.

I beat up an intruder.

I moved one of their machines to find a mouse. They seemed shocked by this, though I don’t know why.

But let me tell you more of my life.

I was born while my mother was running away from a bear. I of course landed on my feet. Though I couldn’t see anything, man did that bear stink. I opened my mouth to tell it to back off and that’s when I first realized my curse. If bears could laugh, I’m sure that one would have, at least if it weren’t so intent on eating us. My hopes that age would deepen my voice have since been dashed to pieces, much like the tree that the bear flew into after I head-butted it. The rest of the tree probably would have fallen on me if my mother hadn’t grabbed me by the neck and carried me away. That’s still one of my few weaknesses – any firm grip on the skin on the back of my neck and I go limp, it’s so relaxing.

Anyways, it took her a while to get used to me. Kept trying to carry me everywhere, teach me to hunt though I brought home more meat than her, not to mention my having to rescue her when she got stuck in trees. She eventually learned that she could live the easy life with me around. She was really spoiled by the time she left this world, just as happy as could be. After that, I was free to travel as I wished. For the first year I stuck to the forests of my youth, hunting and climbing pretty much every tree that was tall enough to provide any challenge. Then I moved on to cliffs and mountains when I could find them – let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like bounding up some rocks, kicking off out into the open air, and catching some silly bird mid-flight. They never see it coming.

Other than me there aren’t too many other cats around here, aside from ones that are at least twice my size. I don’t think we speak the same language, as every time I try to approach them they just gurgle and growl. Never have been able to make any headway with them, and let me recommend that you never try to court a cougar. Makes me wonder who my father was, and how my mom got to be out here. Eh, whatever. Point is, one day I got kind of curious about what was outside this seemingly endless forest, so I picked a direction and kept to it. I ran for about a week, snagging what creatures I could to keep my energy up, the world becoming colder and colder and my fur thicker, and that’s when I reached it. The long, black stone path. It was there that I lay down to take a break, and it was there that I was abducted.

Part 7!

( ©2016 Sean Dorsey )


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