CΩT (Part 8)

She made the beast take us somewhere else. It was weird to be in a place that has so little green, just stone and the leafless light-trees. I stayed awake this time and watched the scenery, all different sizes of the same flat-walled cliffs, almost every one a different color, and the same clear material of the traveling beast’s eyes were set into the sides of them – did the cliffs have eyes, too? I doubted anything so large could be alive. More likely than that, some of these two-leggers killed their beasts and used the eyes for their nests. Looks like it served them well. Perhaps if the prey I was used to had more useful parts I would reuse them as well. What an interesting idea!

After a bit more riding the girl made the beast put its face right up against one of the cliffs and withdrew her claw from it. The beast seemed relieved and went to sleep again. We exited, the girl grabbing both the containers from before and walked around to the side of the cliff. There was a path carved out of the side, one flat surface after the other. These were obviously made by the two-leggers, as it made it exceedingly easy for her to ascend to a ledge higher up, though she did struggle carrying all the stuff at the same time. Alternating dark red indentations and smaller, square eye-pieces lined the walls of the ledge. She passed quite a few before stopping in front of one of the red ones. The girl put down the containers and pulled out her collection of claws and, after looking through them, stuck one in a small gold knob sticking out from the middle left side of the cliff. As with the traveling beast, she twisted it and then pushed on the wall, which opened to reveal a cave! These claws seem to hold a lot of power, and apparently can influence both living and un-living materials. Incredible. But that’s just the start of it. She came back down to get me and, once we were in the cave, she immediately closed the wall and moved something on the wall to the side of the entrance and light flooded the area. She didn’t even using a claw this time,. The inside was like nothing I’ve seen, all manner of objects strewn about and all sorts of smells – none of which I could identify with any certainty. An inspection was in order once I got the chance to do so uninterrupted.

It looked like I would get my chance soon, as the girl set me on the floor of the cave, a smoother surface than I would’ve expected, though the smooth area seemed to only extend from the entrance for a little bit before turning into some kind of thick, tan grass. As I looked around she started unloading the containers. Now that I think about it, and with these beings using the parts of other animals, I guess those flexible containers must be the skin of some other, unknown animal, maybe some kind of aquatic organism. She took out two lumpy, crinkly things, one of which she dumped into the dark red container from before, a fine dust rising from it after it was poured. It looked like it was grey sand but it smelled… enticing. Almost like flowers. She then went into another room and got two smaller, circular containers, one of which had water in it and the other into which she scooped the contents of the second crinkly bag. No sand this time but instead round pellets that smelled like fish. I’d never seen fish that looked like that before, but I’d also never had my nose lie to me. A taste test was obviously in order.

I decided to remain unobtrusive until a chance presented itself and sat in the middle of the cave waiting. She moves a few other things around and looked at a flat rock she takes from her pocket and then came back over to me and picked me up. I did my best to make it easy for her by hanging completely limp. She made noises at me and I attempted to mimic them, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to replicate the sounds these creatures make, especially not with my voice. Best I can do is attempt to understand them, though that’s another difficult task. She seemed to decide upon something after talking for a bit, repeating the same sound a few times: Chuck. Maybe that’s her name? It didn’t really to fit her, but she seemed pleased all the same. Then she yawned, put me down, made the light leave, and walked off to another section of the cave. Before I even had time to blink I heard rumbling snorts from within, reminiscent of the wild boars I would sometimes come across in the wilderness. Finally, time to check this place out!

I of course first made sure to make it smell a little less like her and her strange possessions and more like me, rubbing my face on the various things in the cave. Others need to know where my territory is so they can stay away – it’s just common courtesy, really. I knocked a few of her objects over to make sure she knew that I had taken care of this process. But then, before I could finish marking everything or really look at anything in detail, I heard a scratching noise from the door – another cat, perhaps? I resumed my position in front of the moveable wall and waited. The door opened slowly and revealed another two-legger, a male this time. He smelled pretty bad, definitely needed to clean himself when he got the chance. Aside from this stink he also smelled and acted nervous, as though he was not supposed to be here. I got the distinct feeling that the girl did not know this guy. Fortunately for her, I was there to make sure he didn’t do anything he shouldn’t. He looked at me and made a strange gesture, putting his paw to his lips, and I watched as he moved around the cave, looking at her objects but not seeming to find anything of interest. The girl lets out another loud snort and he jumps, and that was when a different kind of smell emanates from him. And hell if I’m going to let that intention be fulfilled. As he moved towards the area where she was asleep, I rose to my feet and let out a warning growl. One warning’s all you get from me, and when he didn’t leave I dashed around in front of him, fighting fur engaged and ears laid low. Let’s see how this guy compares to a bear. He bent over and reached to grab me, and that’s when I let him have it, leaping in the air and planting my back foot into his face. I held back a little so as not to wake the girl, but he still went flying, spinning around twice before falling on his back. I walked over to him, sat on his chest, and sunk some claws into his face to no reaction. Yep, definitely not getting back up tonight. I decided to stay on top him, make sure that the girl knew who was responsible. The best part was that I didn’t even have to go out hunting to bring back a prize! Closing my eyes, I fell into a light sleep, anticipation of her gratitude in the morning my last thought before unconsciousness.

( ©2016 Sean Dorsey )

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