The Plan

! ! ! 2023 Schedule ! ! !

Really going to try to stick with it.


Automatic posts when streams start:


— All streams at ~10pm EST —

* Monday: Short game (speedrun or LP)

* Tuesday: Live drawing

* Wednesday: Writing (keyboard ASMR)

* Thursday: No stream, Back Issue Forth podcast ( night

* Friday: Long game OR no stream

* Saturday / Sunday: anything goes (anything may be nothing)


And Where Do We Go From Here?

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So anyways, I’m wondering – should I continue with CΩT or go onto something else? And if I continue CΩT, shall I switch to first person from “Chuck’s” point of view? I think yes. Sound off in the comments.



Decided to go on hiatus for a bit because it’s the popular thing to do – looking at you, Steven Universe and Hunter x Hunter – definitely not due to writer’s block or anything like that.

In any case, do not fear! I will begin posting again very shortly. Please chime in and let me know if you’d like me to continue with CΩT or if you would like me to switch to something else! First person to comment on this decides. No comments will end with me continuing CΩT.

The End?

That makes seven stories. If you read each one, you’ll no doubt notice they’re linked by certain elements, Ántimán and Kaga being the most prominent of these. There is more to the tale, but as it will be more of a book than a short story it cannot be revealed here. The rest of the story will include both the surviving characters and also those that were left behind by the dead – there is a difference between the two. Look forward to re-reading the past parts as well, as there will be new details and further fleshing out of my somewhat thin characters… or maybe I’ll just add more details to the monsters. That’s much more fun.

So, onward we go towards more tales from my tome.

Historically Inaccurate

So, I’m going to try and make these little stories as accurate as possible but there’s also bound to be some stew. Some of it, such as the way people talk, is intentional. Other things, such as a character using salt to preserve meat, is unintentional and will be changed.

If you notice anything, feel free to let me know in the comments! I’ll be going back through and updating the stories as I notice things as well.


Second blogpost since January 13th of 2011. And I said that first one was going to be the only one – the audacity of that prediction! Because here I am writing the second one, a much more formal introduction for what I want this blog to be rather than a condemnation of the blog’s worth. This entry is one of hope, hope that this blog might carry my writing as I work to make it my living. Though I already live for creativity, it sure ain’t going to pay the cost of living, factoring in creativity’s current rate of return.

So, without further ado, I present some tales from my tome.

(Tentative schedule will be one post each Tuesday and Thursday, and maybe bonuses on weekends!)