The Plan

! ! ! 2023 Schedule ! ! !

Really going to try to stick with it.


Automatic posts when streams start:


— All streams at ~10pm EST —

* Monday: Short game (speedrun or LP)

* Tuesday: Live drawing

* Wednesday: Writing (keyboard ASMR)

* Thursday: No stream, Back Issue Forth podcast ( night

* Friday: Long game OR no stream

* Saturday / Sunday: anything goes (anything may be nothing)


Mysterious Carving


This faded goatllamic effigy was found in Ireland, engraved upon a stone sticking up through the moss that covers the cliffs of Moher. Was it a self portrait or was it drawn from reference? And for how many years has it grinned up at the sky, unseen by human eyes until now?

These answers are lost to time, haunting those who dare to query.

So. Might not be as many CΩT posts this month. You know the reason, of course – it’s National Novel Writing Month! I will be attempting with all (or at the very least most) of my power to complete a first draft of Ántimán, so be excited!