Dream Diary (29 November 2022)

In this dream, it was interview time. No, I don’t know for what position we were interviewing, or even the field of work for that matter. The first interview was taking place in my childhood home, and the person to be interviewed was late. And then when they got here in their white van, I needed to put pants on, so I was late, missed the interview, and a past coworker of mine did the interview instead (in the garage, no less). They hadn’t given me any interview questions anyhow, so I would’ve had to wing it even if I hadn’t missed it. Then we put together a team to do an… off-site interview? What? I know it’s a dream, but still, since when do the interviewers travel to the interviewee? On the drive over we crossed a bridge with no railing, and the person driving definitely thought about veering right off the side. But they didn’t, probably because I was glaring at them. Anyways.

The second interviewee apparently worked in a big, futuristic-looking skyscraper. We walked in and I realized that, though I was now wearing pants, I was not wearing shoes. No one seemed to care, and I think my companions even encouraged it. But here’s the big fun part. The interviewee was on one of the upper floors, and we had a choice: stairs or elevator. One person took the stairs – they communicated to us that they didn’t trust elevators – and the other three of us picked the elevator, which was a big disc that moved up and down in its tube through some sort of suction power. Incredibly dangerous! We pushed the button to go up and the dang thing went up a little, then immediately dropped, though not so fast as to harm my two companions. I, on the other hand, had braced my hands and feet against the elevator walls, suspending myself near the floor buttons. Through careful manipulation of the buttons I managed to maneuver it such that my companions and myself could get off safely, though this last bit was difficult and I was very worried about getting bisected, though honestly that doesn’t make sense since the disc was below me. There was no elevator roof above to fall on me and chop me in half, just some toothy elevator doors that were partially open. The end! I assume we gave up on that particular interview.


Dream Diary (12-14 Dec. 2020)

Drafted this several weeks ago, publishing it before that clock strikes 12! The idea was to document my notable (citation needed) dreams, and then as soon as I started writing them down… my dreams got boring.

12 December 2020

The first dream begins at my dad’s house where we were watching an animated science fiction comedy. Had to take my cat home ’cause she was starting to yowl and I figured she needed the litter box. That I even had brought her along involves a massive stretch of dream-logic, as my dad is allergic to cats something sever. Anyhow, when I went upstairs to try to find her I instead found a wolf, which bit my hand (thinking about it, being in the same house as a wolf is a very good reason for my cat to be screaming). I grabbed it by the jaw instead of freaking out as I’d usually do and yelled down to my father that there was a wolf in his house. Now this is funny on multiple levels, as I’ve always had some phobia towards wolves and werewolves and the like, but my father also is known for having lots of lupine paraphernalia. I’m surprised the that he didn’t call back “There are lots of wolves in this house!” My sleeping mind was sadly not clever enough to find the humor in the situation.

When I got her home, was there someone trying to break into my house? Were they stealing the boards from my deck? Or something was happening on the street? I do think there was a light rain falling.

COVid-19 fragments from separate dreams: Touched my brother’s coat and he had to clean it. At pharmacy, way too close to people, couldn’t find my membership card, person next to me quibbling for a coupon.

13 December 2020

Nothing of note. Probably stayed up too late and ruined my brain’s capacity for dreaming this particular night. Okay, one thing feature while asleep – a class I registered for had its difficulty measured in swords; this particular class had two swords next to it, which apparently meant it was pretty hard. Odd.

14 December 2020

A friend had an extra 2012 Maserati they decided to give to me. Big signs I’m dreaming:

• No one has an extra Maserati. (Well… no one I know.)
• Not sure if I’d accept a gift like this, would make for a very stressful possession

Lovely fall setting, though. At one point was listening to a recording of other friends’ conversations, the impression I felt was that the recording was a form of social media, not spying, but then again I guess the difference between these can become blurry, huh? Especially in a dream, most of which are almost indistinct to some degree.

That’s all for now. If you made it this far, hope your year’s been as good as it could and see ya in 2021! 🎉