A businessman emerges from forest into a clearing, stone tower centered in a lava moat, tattered bridge the only ingress. A dragon crawls from the pit and roars, but this becomes a squeak when it sees the paper the man carries.

Inside the tower, skeletons raise scimitars but disarm upon sight of the documentation, pulling levers to deactivate traps and motioning the man upstairs. The figure at the top turns to face him.

“I’ve been expecting you …”

“Ganzix, you missed approval by four points. The dragon is a nice touch, but the bridge is still way too easy to cross.”

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Decided to go on hiatus for a bit because it’s the popular thing to do – looking at you, Steven Universe and Hunter x Hunter – definitely not due to writer’s block or anything like that.

In any case, do not fear! I will begin posting again very shortly. Please chime in and let me know if you’d like me to continue with CΩT or if you would like me to switch to something else! First person to comment on this decides. No comments will end with me continuing CΩT.