CΩT (Part 15)

I hear a cry of ‘hey!’ behind me as I drop from the building, but it’s rapidly cut off by the air rushing around me as I go. On the way down, I have time to consider how far I can safely fall without injuring myself. Thinking back to when that damnable hawk picked me up and dropped me, it would seem pretty far. Higher than most of these buildings, aside from the few truly mountainous ones that seem to rise up almost into the clouds. So many questions raised just from a simple change in location! I need to travel more often. Read on →


CΩT (Part 11)

The outside air hits my nostrils as soon as I exit the cave, a storm of unfamiliar smells. I hop from the ledge and follow the most immediate one, that of… meat? But different from the animals upon which I usually munch. Warmer and more… exposed, somehow. I walk on grass where I can, as the stony ground is scratchy and not very enjoyable upon which to tread, not to mention the two-leggers’ traveling beasts seem to not be allowed on the grass. I’d rather not get run over by one of them. It might hurt them, and they’re already constantly being stabbed, poor things. And the noises! Two-leggers yelling at each other, the growling of their beasts as they barrel about, and other unknown squawks and high-pitched squeals that defy imagination. Read on →

CΩT (Part 8)

She made the beast take us somewhere else. It was weird to be in a place that has so little green, just stone and the leafless light-trees. I stayed awake this time and watched the scenery, all different sizes of the same flat-walled cliffs, almost every one a different color, and the same clear material of the traveling beast’s eyes were set into the sides of them – did the cliffs have eyes, too? I doubted anything so large could be alive. More likely than that, some of these two-leggers killed their beasts and used the eyes for their nests. Looks like it served them well. Perhaps if the prey I was used to had more useful parts I would reuse them as well. What an interesting idea!
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