All right, so if you’re paying closer attention than is really warranted, you’re probably thinking “what happened to one creative thing a day?” And to that my response is, well, I did say that not everything would be posted here! However, I do want to give a brief rundown of what I’ve been up to, both as a way to hold myself accountable and also review my efforts and hopefully keep myself on track. Who knows, maybe I’ll make it a weekly Sunday ritual! 

So let’s go day by day. The very first day of the year, promptly at midnight, I was working on a passion project of illustrating a favorite book of mine as a graphic novel. That said, I drew one panel and did a sketch of an object. Not a lotta progress but part of the reason behind that is holy CRAP is this book rife with interesting scenes to draw, and really evocative ones no less. It’s going to be a big, daunting project but I think it’ll also be a lot of fun. That said, I won’t be sharing much of anything from it as I’m working on it with the intention of getting it published, so at the very most there might be some teaser sketches. Get hype! 

January 2nd I finished a poem that saw its genesis while I as vacationing in Florida. Simple and fun, unlike all the sloggy stuff around the corner and in the future. 

On the second and third days I attempted to record a podcast. The first attempt was plagued with technical difficulties, which seems to be a them with any sort of recording I try to do (see next paragraph). I mean, I really should’ve thought a bit more about it, but the recording device was attached to the air vent in my car, and therefore registered every bump in the road. Both the music and my voice came through just fine, but the feedback is pretty horrendous. We’ll see if I can edit that to something that’s actually listenable, not to mention having to put my singing voice out there for everyone (or no one, if the podcast doesn’t take off in popularity) to hear. Recorded a second one but haven’t summoned up the courage to listen to it just yet. 

The fourth day I got some friends together and attempted to record a Let’s Play. I’ll be uploading that unfortunate attempt to YouTube at some point, it died pretty fast due to technical difficulties – the recording software or hardware resulted in a flickering picture throughout, not to mention the corresponding lag as well, making an already challenging game pretty much unplayable – though it would have died anyhow due to the game being VERY MEAN AND BAD and the person playing it giving up as a result. In summary, I underestimated how frustrating Megaman X6 is, and have since then apologized for subjecting my friend to it. 

January fifth was when I actually started writing this little record, so I’m going to count this as the “creative” thing for the day. Give me one cheat day at least, right? 

Day six:


(This lil’ guy is actually relevant to what I’m working on today, stay tuned for that!)