CΩT (Part 10)

Chuck came out of the water section of the cave and for sure seemed to have been rained on, though she was not perturbed by this, instead wrapping the fur on top of her head and her body in a strangely uniform animal skin. I must admit that I lost interest in this grooming process as she went on to pluck at her face with various instruments. That is, until she picked up the roaring tool. I don’t know what she did to it, but almost as soon as she picked it up it makes a really hideous noise, like no other animal I’ve heard. Though this again must be something she controls, as she raised it up to her fur, moving it over and making it blow out behind her. I know I’m strong, but these two-leggers must have nerves of stone that they interact with all these strange creatures around them. I don’t think I’ve puffed up my tail fur this much in the space of a few light and dark periods in a long time. After a bit more of this she put on a different skin – all of which are very strangely colored, I can’t imagine what the animal from which they came looks like – and left the cave after talking to me a bit. Finally, some privacy to do what I want unimpeded! Read on →


CΩT (Part 7)

I woke up when the whole right side of my body went cold. I had been transported to a bright place, a strange square cave where two animals stood, looking down at me. Then the one with the white covering started touching me, feeling my legs, ribs, and neck. The other person started talking, she sounded upset. Maybe I meowed in my sleep and she was disappointed by it? I sat up to demonstrate that my voice did not reflect my strength and they both stopped talking and stared at me. So I asked them what the deal was, but they didn’t really give me any hints. The man ran some object along my back and seemed disappointed when nothing happened. The long haired girl eventually picked me up and took me back outside. It was kinda nice to be carried again, it had been a while.
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