CΩT (Part 16)

I catch up to the mad dog just as it breaches the line from shadowy corridor to sunlit sidewalk. The dog jumps at a young human and I kick off from the ground and hurtle toward it, hopefully fast enough for an interception. Read on →

CΩT (Part 15)

I hear a cry of ‘hey!’ behind me as I drop from the building, but it’s rapidly cut off by the air rushing around me as I go. On the way down, I have time to consider how far I can safely fall without injuring myself. Thinking back to when that damnable hawk picked me up and dropped me, it would seem pretty far. Higher than most of these buildings, aside from the few truly mountainous ones that seem to rise up almost into the clouds. So many questions raised just from a simple change in location! I need to travel more often. Read on →