A businessman emerges from forest into a clearing, stone tower centered in a lava moat, tattered bridge the only ingress. A dragon crawls from the pit and roars, but this becomes a squeak when it sees the paper the man carries.

Inside the tower, skeletons raise scimitars but disarm upon sight of the documentation, pulling levers to deactivate traps and motioning the man upstairs. The figure at the top turns to face him.

“I’ve been expecting you …”

“Ganzix, you missed approval by four points. The dragon is a nice touch, but the bridge is still way too easy to cross.”

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“Y’know, some people believe that when the world ends, all the man-made stuff will vanish first.”

“Huh.” It is nighttime, the girl and boy leaning back onto the windshield of the dark blue sedan.
“That would be really unfortunate for a lot of people,” he says, and the girl laughs. She turns to respond but the world has gone blurry and she falls naked to the ground through the space where the car used to be.
“Nick, oh my god, there’s no way—” but she is alone.


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Penguin & Piper

It’s been a month now and I still don’t know where the rest of the rookery is. Danger on all sides between those awful spotted seals and the monstrous black and white whales. Here I am, possibly the worst day of my life, and now there’s this nearly hairless, craggy monolith shooting off what may be the most profane string of sounds I’ve ever heard. Why is it here? It’s obviously not suited for the white plains, I can see its knees shaking as it puffs its cheeks and howls. The dark waters are looking more inviting by the second.

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Office Politics

“Wait a minute, that says ‘Meating at 6′.”

The employees look at each other with wide eyes, and one of them rushes to the fire exit, but just as he reaches the door it bursts open, sending him flying backward into his colleagues, bowling them over as they attempt to support him. In the doorway stands their boss, hair sticking out in all directions and stainless steel tenderizing hammer smacking into her hand.

“That’s right, babies, time for the meating!”

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Graven Craving

A green Lincoln rattles its way along asphalt in dire need of repaving, the pizza light on its roof shining on the stone wall to the right and the wiry trees to the left. It creaks to a stop on the dirt outside the cemetery gate. The delivery dude steps out of the car, looks at the order address and then at the fog enshrouded graveyard, nose wrinkled.

“Man, I need GPS.”

A rotten arm reaches out between the bars and snatches the pizza, dropping some gold coins as it grasps the pie.

“No you don’t. Thanks for the grub.”

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