CΩT (Part 7)

I woke up when the whole right side of my body went cold. I had been transported to a bright place, a strange square cave where two animals stood, looking down at me. Then the one with the white covering started touching me, feeling my legs, ribs, and neck. The other person started talking, she sounded upset. Maybe I meowed in my sleep and she was disappointed by it? I sat up to demonstrate that my voice did not reflect my strength and they both stopped talking and stared at me. So I asked them what the deal was, but they didn’t really give me any hints. The man ran some object along my back and seemed disappointed when nothing happened. The long haired girl eventually picked me up and took me back outside. It was kinda nice to be carried again, it had been a while.

She walked into this group of strange things, kinda like fake animals with circular feet and (get this) opened up its side and we got in! Then she stabbed its guts with a tiny shiny thing and it growled a bit and started to move around, apparently being controlled by her tugging on its bones – how’s that for motivation? Seems like these two-legged animals are somewhat powerful in their own right, and she kept making noises at me as we traveled. I’ll have to learn their language at some point, but I’m not one to worry, so I let her know that I liked her so far and then decided to take another nap, but I was getting the feeling that it was definitely the right choice to leave the forest, so many new things to see!

I woke up some time later and she was gone, just left me alone in this strange beast. I waited for a bit but then I wanted to get out. There were clear walls on all four sides of the beast’s innards, maybe they were its eyes? I picked one and sunk a claw into it but the beast did not react. Apparently its only weakness is the small shiny thing (some kind of portable claw?). Anyways, I put another set of claws next to the first and pulled down. The eye sunk down into the side and once there was a gap large enough for me to squeeze out, I stuck out my head. Scanning the area I found more of the flat black rock where I had initially fallen asleep, except this time instead of having one white line there were many, and it was surrounded by more rectangular… hills? Lots of light too, some from holes in the sides of the hills and some from the top of leafless grey trees. Everything is so organized and even compared to the trees and cliffs I’m used to.

Just as I was about to slip the rest of the way out, here comes the girl again, carrying these weird rustling things. I meowed a greeting and she put them down and hurried over to me, I think she thought I was stuck. She opened up the beast and turned its bones some more, lowering the eyeball more until I dropped out of it onto the ground. I rubbed against her to let her know that my position had been intentional, but she didn’t seem to understand. She placed me back in the beast and then put the rustling things in the recess to the front of where I sat. Looking down at them, they appeared to be flexible, partially see-through containers, brightly colored objects of varying sizes within, including a larger more rigid container of a smooth material unlike anything I’d seen in the wilderness. Can’t imagine what she could do with this stuff, but I guess I have to wait to see what.

( ©2016 Sean Dorsey )

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